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Addicted to travel: ideal centre-base for hikes

The pretty east coast town of Calheta is an ideal centre-base for hikes up into the interior of the island, accompanied by knowledgeable local guides.

Several good walks can be organised from Calheta. Often linear, walks organised from here normally head up nearby ribeiras with a pre-arranged transfer back to town at the end.

Addicted to travel

Bradt Travel Guide: Hike Ribereita - Flamengos

“This is a pleasant walk with no great ascents or descents lathoug it os quite rocky underfoot. It is not a walk of great drama but i shows off plenty of Santiago rural life on the way: from trapiches to terracing, and water extraction to traditional stone housing. The middle of the walk, up in the verdant hill, ist very pretty.

Bradt Taravel Guide, Cape Verde, page 178