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From Serra Malagueta to the Rabelados

This hike takes you through sparse forests of pine, cypress and eucalyptus and across terraced fields on little-used paths. Tall agave plants line your route along the ridge, occasionally opening up to provide stunning views of the surrounding valleys and the sea beyond.


Interesting hike through varying terrain. Sure-footedness required; one short exposed section. After reaching the peak of Serra Malagueta, it’s downhill almost all the way to the sea.


Route can be navigated with a map of walking trails and/or GPS.

Special features

Entry fee to the Serra Malagueta Natural Park: 200 CVE per person.

Local guide required to visit the Rabelados community

We advise against visiting the Rabelados area without a local guide. Unless you are able to speak Creole, arriving there without a Cape Verdean guide can be like visiting a zoo – an unpleasant experience for both sides.


Serra-Malagueta - Mato Correia - Espinho Branco/Rabelados